Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors

Hartford, CT, Wednesday, August 7, 2019–
The national rate of breast cancer detection is on the rise. Connecticut has the second highest rate of breast cancer detection in the country. Interestingly, while early detection is on the rise, so are the rates of breast cancer survival.

Executive Director, Maggie Gardner of Gardner’s House, Hartford, CT attributes this astounding rate of survival only partial to the rates of early detection, but rather attributes rising early detection rates to the rising rates of breast cancer screening; together with compassionate care post diagnosis, all three are responsible for the rates of increasing breast cancer survival. Research suggests that rising rates of early breast cancer detection are due to routine breast health screening, as well as the early detection of breast cancer, the location of the cancer when localized to the breast, and patient centered care the patient received post diagnosis. Gardner explains, “With a cancer diagnosis may arise fear, shame, humiliation, housing threat, job loss, which put tremendous pressure on the patient and family. Pressure is often unanticipated, thus interfering with one’s ability to “survive their breast cancer diagnosis.”

The Mission of Gardner’s House is to bridge the gap between the medical support of the cancer Patient and the needs of the Person struggling to return to the requirements of daily life. A generous grant from Pink Aid, Westport, CT, in support of Gardner’s House, Empowering Survivors Program will offer 11 women, diagnosed with breast cancer in CT, alleviation of the pressure of breast cancer through physical and emotional support, focused on family centered care, during the process of regaining their health and economic well-being following a breast cancer diagnosis. With this grant, Gardner’s House will provide community resources that may otherwise be denied to survivors due to ineligibility. Empowering Survivor’s patient centered care offers support through home visitation and the provision of basic needs, so that survivors can remain in their homes, access necessary medical care and focus on their health and economic well-being as survivors.

Executive Director, Maggie Gardner is a two-time cancer survivor and together with the Board of Directors and team of volunteers, provides patient centered care for cancer survivors and their families. Director Gardner affirms, “We believe that helping people help themselves makes them stronger and gives survivors the courage to overcome challenges associated with the cancer, so that they can find the strength to overcome any weakness.”

To learn more about Empowering Survivors, please call Maggie Gardner at (860) 206-7754.