Winner’s Circle

Are you a cancer survivor or know someone who is? Do you know a warrior who lost the battle to cancer and would like to honor their memory? Now is your chance to share your story and be a part of our monthly winner’s circle. Every month, we will select a story to be featured on our website. Stories will also be displayed on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you would like to share your story, please submit a brief story of 8-15 sentences of how you or a loved one overcame cancer or to honor someone special who lost the battle. Stories can be submitted via email or Facebook message. The deadline for submissions for the month of January 2017 is Saturday, December 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm ET. Stories submitted after the deadline will be considered for the next month.

Paula Williams

Paula Williams had written to the “Today” show about what she describes as the selfless, loving care her husband gave her during her breast cancer surgery and treatment.

He is a two-time kidney cancer survivor and was there every step of the way as an extraordinary encourager and caregiver.

When Paula told him the “devastating” news of her cancer about a year ago, he came right home, held her and according to Paula said, “You don’t just have breast cancer. We have breast cancer and together we’re going to fight and we’re going to win.”

During recovery he fed her, bathed her, changed her clothes, took her to the hospital at the drop of a symptom. When a drain from her double mastectomy backed up with blood that was causing pain, he tried to suck it out through the tube to relieve her pain.

Paula Williams said her husband is an all around great guy, a deacon in their Bloomfield Church, The First Cathedral, a great dad and an avid volunteer. At the end of chemotherapy he got her a chihuahua and they named him Journey, because “he’s on the miracle healing journey with us,” she said.

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December 2016 Winner: 
Miguelina P., Cancer Survivor

My name is Miguelina and I am a survivor of this disease called cancer. I was born in Queens, NY and raised in Brooklyn. In 2015, My fiancé and I moved from Puerto Rico to Hartford CT. I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2015. My surgeon gave me a year of recovery. I underwent chemotherapy and radiation this year without having a way to pay my bills and rent. My fiancé left me in the street. He took his things and left me in a state where I don’t have any family.

I called 211 and they gave me Maggie Gardner’s phone number to Gardner’s House, which has been the only one helping me when all the agencies have given me their backs … My surgery and treatment is good right now, but emotionally and physically, I’m not right. I’m having panic attacks and anxiety attacks. My left side does not work like before. I just want to be the person I was and look for a job and take care of my self.